Our Story

New Zealanders are deeply proud of our farming and outdoor heritage. The image of the rugged, resilient and resourceful farmer working the land is integral to the our view of New Zealand and shapes our national character. Yet today so few of us have the opportunity to experience this iconic way of life and environment.

We set out to search for a property that combined all that is so special about heartland NZ and which would allow us to share this lifestyle to provide a truly memorable and treasured experience.

Our criteria included;

  • a special farm with lots of character, opportunity for adventure and to get involved and with many stories to tell

  • a site for a quality lodge with a relaxed and welcoming country ambience and with no neighbours, just peace and quiet and crystal clear night skies

  • a genuine operation based on sustainable practices and including contributing to the conservation of NZ’s special wildlife

  • be a remote experience yet not that far off the beaten track

  • and perhaps most importantly a place we also wanted to call our home 

Our search encompassed 10 years until we found Retaruke Country Estate. Actually we located it some years earlier but many circumstances and events needed to align for it to happen.

That they somehow all did reflects more than a little good fortune and is testament to just how unique this property and lodge actually is.

Retaruke experience.jpg